Life in the Minor Key

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Most of the Bible is in the major key. Saints fearlessly witnessing, churches valiantly serving against all odds—and what a joy those sections are to our souls. But side-by-side with all that is the minor key. God's Word contains true glimpses into the weaknesses and frailties that God understands and shows us in the lives of some of His greatest saints. These are men and women who were sad, discouraged, and depressed—yet the Lord does not correct them and tell them they are ion sin. He just encourages them and helps them go on.

Life in the minor key—is it always sin that makes us depressed? Is it always a sin to be depressed?

No, it is not, is the answer from God's Word.

This message is one week long devotional study from the book below: Living Hope for The End of Days.

Sermon ID 22107121317
Duration 50:31
Date Oct 30, 2005
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Psalm 142
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