David -- A Long Obedience in Seeking God

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As we open to Palm 18, I have been praying that maybe this Psalm will become the most meaningful and precious of all the Psalms we have studied. We walked through David's life for many months; from his childhood and all its struggles, through the triumphs of the battle field to the defeats of those unguarded moments—all through the inspired record God gave to us.

The reason I have loved this study of David's life is because of the way God's grace is brought so visibly forward in David's life--the grace that saves, the grace that forgives, the grace that gives new beginnings each day and every hour. Especially when we gather around the Table celebrating Christ's Cross these truths are closest and dearest.

Grace says God is committed to finishing what He started in my life; Christ says I am going to keep cleansing you as often as needed; I am going to love you no matter what you do and nothing can make me love you any more or any less. That means all of us must be…

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Duration 56:00
Date Nov 5, 2006
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Psalm 18
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