The Samson Riddle. It's a hard saying. Does that sound familiar?

We start this lecture with quotes from idiots. “Jesus does not know when His return will be.” You've Got to be Kidding me... HE'S GOD!!!

Yes, we love rants here at Cliffside. If you don't like it, well... you're normal. This church is for the weird people who want to know what the Bible says, and for those leaning in that direction. If you're curious, you're on your way. Have a seat.

Pastor Chronister discusses more questions from the Internet. Things like, "Can women become pastors?" We're brave enough to take this on. It's not exactly what you might think. And clearly, intelligence and knowledge is not a prerequisite for someone to be called "pastor" these days. But the answers to these questions can be found by a proper understanding of Genesis 3. Anyway... we hope you will learn something from this part of the lecture.

But we're in Genesis 3 today because of Samson. Yes, today we get more Samson. Why? Because it's not about Samson, it's about God... and yes, that's Jesus Christ. We're delving deeper onto the riddle / hard saying / dark saying, that Samson gives. It's a great mystery. We also find this mystery in Genesis 3. ...Have I confused you enough yet? That's my goal, you know. Will that inspire you to actually listen to this lecture? Okay, no. But if you're weird like us, perhaps I've intrigued a few of you into giving this a look.

So sit back and pull out your notepad, open your TextBook and press play. Try it... You'll like it.

After you've listened to this lecture, trust me, you're going to have questions. So, feel free to write our pastor, and while you're at it, go ahead and encourage if you'd like. Thanks for listening.

Sep 17, 2017
Sunday Service
Genesis 3:1-16; Judges 14
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