Modalism Destroys the Gospel, Church History Continued, Response to Jordan Hall


I drove back from Las Vegas this morning and rushed into the office to do a DL. Started with a topic relevant to Shawn McCraney’s comments on modalism last week as this impacts the gospel. Looked at Hebrews 9 as an illustration. Then went back to Reformation Church history, looking at the Avignon Papacy and then the invention of printing as vital background topics. Finally addressed Jordan Hall’s unhinged diatribe (found here) and its many slanders and errors, looking primarily at his confusing the categories necessary to build a meaningful case for cessationism and then at his assertion that my exegesis of 2 John 7-11 was that of a “three year old.” I challenge Jordan Hall to produce his own exegesis of the text, as I will, and we can then compare them.

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Duration 1:26:12
Date Feb 20, 2018
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