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"Hosea chapter 3 is really what we just looked at in chapter 2 illustrated in real life. What God promises to do for Israel at the end of chapter 2 is what He tells Hosea to do for Gomer now in chapter 3 – "go get your wife back." Yes, she may be in bed with another man, but go after her. Yes, she may not want to come home, but go lure her back. Friends I want you to think about the depth of love this would take. If most of us who are married would discover our spouse had just a one-night affair, we'd be done, but ongoing promiscuous adultery? Forget it. I said last week that adultery is the ultimate betrayal, and the only way a marriage can be saved after adultery is through covenant love, and that's what Hosea is showing here, because that's the kind of love God shows toward His people."

Feb 18, 2024
Sunday Service
Hosea 2:14-3:5
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