A Jumbo-Mega Edition of the Dividing Line (Two Hours 45 Minutes)


Started off with the D. Wade debacle and the influence of the world's insanity on "transgenderism." Then we started a movement to have Francis renamed "Francis the Marxist" (it has a ring do it, I think). Mentioned the ecumenical "Mass" being held in St. Pierre, Calvin's old haunts, and then got to the real topic of the day. We played portions from a single very long (3 hour) discussion of textual issues discussion of textual critical issues by Dr. Peter Gurry, James Snapp Jr., and Dr. Jeffrey Riddle, from the Talking Christianity–Apologetics YT channel. This is a very important discussion as it truly exposes the circular nature of the TR Only position as it is being promoted today.

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Duration 2:43:34
Date Feb 18, 2020
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