The Anxiety Game

Featured on Mar 31, 2008

This sermon has been sparked out of my recent experience with anxiety and panic attacks. My worry over raising health issues in my life had turned my focus off Christ and onto the storms around me. I had begun playing right into Satan hands and I was playing his anxiety game, being distracted from my source of strength. My focus needed to be restored. Philippians gives us a promise of peace if we will pray to the Lord earnestly and with thanksgiving. By doing just that we can start to overcome anxiety and stop living in fear. Don't fall into panic as if you have lost control; realize that you were never in control! God is the one in control and nothing can happen to us unless it is first filtered through his sovereign fingers.

Sermon ID 21806214621
Duration 49:07
Date Feb 5, 2006
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Luke 10:38-42; Luke 12:22-32; Philippians 4:4-7
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