Testimonies of Former Followers of Harold Camping's Doctrine


This special edition of Let The Bible Speak features the testimonies of former followers of Harold Camping's doctrine. Harold Camping predicted that the world would end back in September of 1994. The testimonies you hear are from those who were once deceived into thinking that we could predict the timing of the Lord's coming. The Bible is very clear in Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:33 that we do not know the time of the Lord's coming, but we are to always be ready, watching and waiting. Those giving these testimonies have come to embrace this Truth, love the Lord and the Lord's people, and want to warn others now ensnared by Harold Camping's new prediction of the Lord's return on May 21, 2011. Not only has Mr. Camping set another date for the Lord's return, but is teaching other heretical doctrines, such as God's church being given over to Satan, and that the wicked are annihilated at the end of the world. It is the doctrine of Jesus Christ that men and woman, boys and girls need to follow, and not the doctrine of Harold Camping.

Sermon ID 215112254317
Duration 29:08
Date Mar 6, 2011
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text Titus 2:13
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