Indestructible — Until God…


Indestructible — Until…

"And when they have FINISHED their testimony..." (Revelation 11:7)

These words... glory, they bring me such great assurance and so much comfort. Now, don't miss this beautiful truth. The same God who will give them their assignment, is my Shepherd and King, who has given me mine.

Therefore, the principles are just the same, for me and every other servant, living on mission for Jesus, as it will be for them. I've been given a unique purpose to fulfill, my very own race to run, a clear course to walk for the glory of God, yes, His joy and will has been set before me, yes, my cross to bear, as a witness and testimony to His redeeming grace. Glory... and until I'm FINISHED, with my divine assignment upon this earth, I'm indestructible.

This doesn't mean I can't be harmed, hurt, attacked, taken advantage of or even killed by the enemy, but it does mean I'm indestructible until the mission is finished. And no matter what the enemy is given authority to do with me, it will never workout the way he or they intended. Why? No weapon formed against shall prosper to the full intent of their purpose... they do not have the final word. The Almighty, my answer for life and death and everything in between, the Alpha and Omega, spoke the first word over me and He will have the final word over my life and work. And the same applies to every redeemed servant of the Most High God.

No matter what they have to face, the disciples of the Lord Jesus — are indestructible and unstoppable — until our God and Father decides it's time to bring us home.

He promised, and He's proved it, time and time again, for He cannot lie. So, I encourage you, my friend…

Sermon ID 21319155942
Duration 32:45
Date Sep 12, 2022
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Revelation 11:7; Revelation 11; Zechariah 4
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