Travel Project Announcement, "What is Marriage?" Debate Review


We did another Road Trip DL today from Lafayette, Louisiana where I will be speaking for the weekend. Started off with a run down on a major project we are undertaking during this, our 40th Anniversary year. We are hoping to trade in our current fifth wheel unit for one that will allow us to trade some of my sleeping comfort for a fully functional webcasting and debating studio! The Dividing Line has become central as our means of communication and teaching, literally globally, so being able to do it better and expand the interviews and debates we can do would be a great addition to our work. You can go here to the drop down menu https://www.aomin.org/aoblog/support-us/ if you are led to help us with this project. Then I did a review of last night's debate with Keith Giles on "What is Marriage," and responded to his claims about Jewish sources and the supposed "six genders," including discussion of the Mishnah, Gemara, Talmud, etc.

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Date Feb 9, 2023
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