Motivation from the Trinity 5 of 5


The mystery and majesty of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—unfold a profound narrative of salvation and glory, intricately woven from eternity to eternity. The Father's grand design, the Son's magnificent accomplishment, and the Spirit's enduring application converge in a cosmic tapestry of divine love and justice. As we delve into the depths of this divine plan, we find ourselves awestruck by the promised transformation of our frail, earthly existence into a state of eternal, spiritual glory. This hope, grounded in the resurrection and the ultimate revelation of God's kingdom, calls us to a life of worship, anticipation, and deep reflection on the profound truths of Scripture. Let us embrace this journey with faith and joy, anticipating the fulfillment of God's glorious promise, where pain, sin, and death are vanquished, and we, in perfect unity with the Triune God, experience the fullness of His presence and love forevermore.

Jan 7, 2024
Sunday Service
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