Nigel the Black Hebrew Israelite


January 7, 2015, was Tony's first time preaching alone at Pershing Square. Many people were praying for him, and his sister encouraged him to read Psalm 25, which he did. After reading Psalm 25 and praying, Tony decided to try to read the entirety of the Gospel of John, in the open-air. Tony began with a gospel presentation. No sooner did he finish that gospel presentation that a black man named Nigel approached him. As soon as the young man asked him a couple of questions, he knew he was dealing with a Black Hebrew Israelite, a racist cult that hates 'the white man's Bible,' 'the white man's Jesus,' and 'the white man.' For 90 minutes Tony read John 1-10 while periodically engaging Nigel. Sadly, in the Black Hebrew Israelites, Nigel found a religious cult that encourages him to hate The Triune God, the Word of God, and people. WARNING: this audio instances of blasphemy, the 'N' word, and other profane speech.

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Duration 1:39:31
Date Jan 7, 2015
Category Special Meeting
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