Most Visitor Unfriendly Topic? Well... if I told you, you wouldn't want to stay and l


The problem with listening to this lecture is, there are 8 lectures before this one and they all build upon the previous ones. But here's the real problem you'll now face if you like the first 9. Our pastor doesn't know it yet, but there's going to be more than 300 in this series, and that's just Romans 1-11. If you start running now, you should make it out the door without being trampled by the thousands more behind you. But if you like listening to deep, post-seminary level Bible teaching, you'll be weird like us, but you are more than welcome to audit the class and stay with our little group if you like this sort of thing.

We're at Romans 2:25-29. It's about... circumcision. Aren't you glad you stayed? Without dispute the most visitor unfriendly topic available today. He's going to try and convince you it's the most extraordinary subject there is and that you'll never again be bored with it. In fact, you'll want to run out and tell all your friends about it. "I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man."

With that kind of introduction, I don't think trying to describe this lecture is gonna help. But you know what? He actually pulls it off. What... you don't believe me? Well, now you've got another problem. You'll just have to listen to prove me wrong.

Who's 'me' you ask? I don't exist. I'm just your friendly Internet Supper Dave.

Aug 1, 2010
Sunday Service
Romans 2:25-29
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