Why We Hold to the KJV, Pt. 1


This is the first of six messages on the subject of why we ought to hold to the King James Bible. This sermon has been considerably expanded from a version of this sermon posted on Sermon Audio 2 years ago. This first segment examines four periods of church history: The Apostolic Era - the Giving of the Bible; The 2nd and 3rd Centuries - the Corruption of the Bible; The Dark Ages - the Persecution of the Bible; and, The Reformation - the Printing of the Bible.
This series is available in DVD or VHS format and features numerous graphics which enhance the presentation. www.wayoflife.org; 1-866-295-4143

Sermon ID 1504124630
Duration 42:45
Date Sep 5, 2003
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Psalm 138:2
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