Justification By Faith Alone Through Grace Alone By Christ Alone and Peace With God 1


Luther rightly regarded justification by faith alone as the article of the standing or falling church.

Thus, the devil hates this doctrine and attacks it every chance he gets.

Of late, the attacks on justification by faith alone having been coming from both inside and outside the Presbyterian and Reformed churches.

Spurgeon here defends the classic biblical (Puritan) teaching in such a way that you might think that he was refuting some of the modern attacks on this teaching by false teachers like Norman Shepherd, the Auburn Avenue speakers (Doug Wilson, Steve Schlissel, John Barach, Steve Wilkins) or other teachers of heresy like N.T. Wright and the New Perspective on Paul movement.

Rome also hates this doctrine and anathemizes (curses, damns) Protestants on this point in "the whore of Babylon's" Council of Trent, which is still binding on Romanists today, even after Vatican II and after the apostate "Evangelicals and Catholic Together" documents and movement.

For these reasons and many more this is an important sermon to hear and to pass on to your friends.

See also the 11th chapter of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

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Duration 39:46
Date Dec 2, 2002
Category Current Events
Bible Text Romans 1:17; Romans 5:1
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