Two Responses, More Than Two Hours


I chose to provide two responses on the program today, hoping that both would provide opportunities for teaching and, by refutation, edification of the saints. The first, which took up most of our time, was a response to about ten relevant points (and those were about all) in the 2 hour, 45 minute video posted recently from Tim Stratton and Tyson James responding to my reply to James' article on Psalm 33. Though there was nothing of substance as to the exegesis of Psalm 33 provided, a few other comments were worthy of response. Both John 6 and Acts 4:27-28 were cited, which is why we did yesterday's program. Upon completing that marathon, I responded to an ostensible "book review" written by Dr. Jamin Hübner, a former student and friend, published last year. It is a glowing example of "woke penance," and as such stands as a warning to us all. The A&O truck drivers and uber-long commuters will love this one, as it weighs in at a hefty 2 hours and ten minutes!

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Date Jan 4, 2022
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