Globalism: Are We Beyond the Point of Return?


Although we're in a new year, the pursuit of a global agenda hasn't changed. In fact, it's as though it's "pedal to the metal" as the acceleration toward completing this agenda moves forward. Are we beyond the point of return?

Joining Jim to look at that question was Gary Kah. Gary is the founder and director of Hope for the World, editor of Hope for the World Update, an author, and former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana State Government.

Gary believes the one-world order crowd is at a point where if they linger too long, more people will discover what's going on and things will work against them. Keep in mind their goal is to gain complete control over the economic/financial structure and resources of the world in order to install a centralized and heavily regulated, totalitarian system similar to that in China.

One item driving their acceleration is the fact that conservatives under-performed in the recent election.

So are people waking up or are we beyond the point of return? He indicated that in the last 6-9 months he's seen more people coming around. Related to that is the factor of God's judgment. In a recent article he wrote, "Even at this late hour God could still hold back His full judgment of America if a sincere repentance by her inhabitants were to occur." He communicated that at this time it looks as though the Lord is allowing things to play out and run their course and that, in itself, is a form of judgment.

Some Christians believe our nation is too special to judge due to our efforts to get out the Gospel as well as our support for Israel. Gary explained that God's promise to Abraham concerning Sodom was situational.

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Date Mar 24, 2023
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