Samson: It's About Christ! The last lecture in the Romans Series. What's next?

YES!!! As the lecture starts, pastor Chronister exclaims that this is in fact Lecture Discussion Number 300 on The Book of Romans! It’s the last lecture in the series and that’s always the best one.

In Romans you have:

  1. Adam - Romans - Death Trilogy
  2. Salvation - Grace Alone
  3. Israel Will Be Restored (Saved)

Genesis 3 tells us we have free will and why we have free will.

This series I named "The Just Shall Live By Faith", and pastor reviews that. The "Live" has to do with Belief.

The last part of this series has been about Samson, but where do you connect Romans 1:17 to Samson? It may take some Chronister magic, but we’ll get there. Here's the list:

A. Judges 13:15, 14:6, 15:1
3 young goats
B. 3 Women 14:2, 16:1, 16:4
C. 3 Moving Holy Spirit 13:24, 14:6, 14:19
D. New Ropes 15:3, 16:11
E. 7 Green Vines 16:7
7 Locks of Hair 16:13
F. Samson Mocks Delilah
G. Slavery of Samson
H Torment of Samson
I. Binding of Samson
J. Samson Soul - Vexed unto Death 16:16
K Thirst unto Death 15:18
L. Telling All His Heart 16:17
M. Samson's Permission
N. Return of Samson
O. 5 payments of Silver
P. Cleft of The Rock (Moses)
Q. 16:25 "Merry"
R. Lad
S. 3 Lies of Samson

By now... we know that he can't do the entire list, because he never does the entire list. So which one is pastor going to get to today? He picks A) 3 Young Goats, and he might get to a couple more. Sorry. Not Really. Fake Sorry. So sit back and enjoy the last (for now) lecture on Samson.

Nov 5, 2017
Sunday Service
Judges 14:6; Romans 1:17
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