Hidden From Jehovah's witnesses vid 8c Under oath testimony

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This video series has been used to lead many JWs away from the Watchtower organization and leads them to Jesus. After over 1000 unreported child sexual abuse claims in Australia against Jehovah's witnesses, the Australian government has had enough !! and on 8/14/2015 Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson had to appear in court to answer some really hard questions under oath, the things he said will astonish you if you are a Jehovah's witness, questions covered are DOES THE GOVERNING BODY THE ONLY ONES SPEAKING FOR JEHOVAH GOD? IS CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ACCEPTABLE?( spanking your kids to make them pay attention at meetings etc.) IS THERE A CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL HAPPENING WITHIN THE RANKS OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESS LEADERSHIP (ELDERS, OVERSEERS ETC.) ( this child sex abuse, child abuse, incest and others issues have been known by the Governing Body's own admission for over 30 years, but they have tried to cover it up) ( see also video #1 of the Hidden From Jehovah's Witness series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2U-Yuf5F5Q and his comments on shunning will show the heartlessness of the GB. The Governing Body was hoping to keep this testimony HIDDEN FROM JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES.

Sermon ID 128171132446
Duration 1:12:29
Date May 1, 2016
Category Teaching
Bible Text Ephesians 5:11
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