Warning! Minnesota Fast Tracks Abortion Legislation

As many of you know, the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision that the Supreme Court released on June 24th has taken abortion back to the states. Many already had laws on the books protecting human life in the womb and banned abortion. Other states, without such protections, have taken this opportunity to advance legislation to protect life. Tragically, there have been states that have put pre-born children in the cross-hairs of their scope. Such is the case with legislation that has been swiftly moving this month in the state of Minnesota.

Appearing on Crosstalk to bring listeners the details was Moses Bratrud. Moses is director of communications with Minnesota Family Council.

The legislature in Minnesota had just been sworn in on January 3rd when a very destructive piece of legislation was introduced the next day in the Senate. Senate File 1 (SF-1) is known as the Protect Reproductive Options Act (PRO Act). Moses explained that this would put in Minnesota statute the right to abortion right up to the moment of birth.

Jan 26, 2023
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