Law And Circumcision? Raise your hand if you're a pastor and love to teach this!


If you've missed the first seven lectures this might be a little difficult for you. After all this is Romans. We've been in Romans 2:11-29, and there we slammed into two terms over and over again. Two of our favorite terms here at beautiful downtown Cliffside... Law, and Circumcision. You might be thinking, "What kind of a church is this?" Yes, we're weird, but we like it that way. Keeps the visitors away. But come with us anyway, if only to find out why we're weird. It'll be fun. You can try it out on your friends.

Last week we defined some very important terms. "Without the Law" and "Under the Law". Or, the Gentiles and the Jews. Okay, now you need to listen to find out what this is all about. You'll like it... he uses baseball analogies. But this guy tells us there's two things we, as Gentiles, are supposed to do. Be thankful to God and glorify God for saving us. But the Jews came to a place where they had no thankfulness, and they gave no glory to God and that caused consequences for the Gentiles. The Jews were instructed in Deuteronomy 28:45-49 to do this, joyfully and gladly, and if they didn't, there were consequences. And both sides hated each other. The Gentiles didn't seek out the truth and the Jews didn't want to go out and tell them. So, the Gentiles go out to kill them. And that's what Romans 2:11-29 is all about. You're going to find out about what it means to be a sign and a wonder. You might not want to be one of those.

That sums up last Sunday. Now we can move on to Romans 2:17-29. Get out your TextBook and press play to learn about Law and Circumcision and boasting and bragging. But wait... If that's not enough for you, there's more...

Jul 25, 2010
Sunday Service
Deuteronomy 28:45-49; Romans 2:11-29
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