A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism (2 of 2) The Application of the Scriptures


In this MP3, A.W. Pink, a former Dispensationalist, continues his refutation of dispensational thinking from Scripture. It would have been helpful had Pink written a refutation of his Reformation denying and biblically incorrect book on the Antichrist, which he wrote while still mired in the darkness, error and confusion of Dispensationalism. However, in one of his letters, written later in life, Pink did write that he did not recommend people read his book on the Antichrist. All large number of Pink's works, in text and audio, are on SWRB's new PURITAN HARD DRIVE at http://www.swrb.com/Puritan/protestant-bookshelf-cds.htm - see the listing "PROTESTANT BOOKSHELF CD (Volume Six) - Select Works of A.W. Pink Including Studies in Scripture (Volumes 19-32, previously unavailable) and Much More!"

"Still Waters Revival Books... have released an incredible array of... some of the best Reformation and Calvinistic books ever written. It is by far the best and widest collection of Reformed literature ever assembled" (The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, & Documented, Special 40th Anniversary, [p. 76, 2004, P&R] by Steele, Thomas, & Quinn, Foreword by Roger Nicole, Afterword by John MacArthur).

Sermon ID 126043236
Duration 57:16
Date Aug 26, 2001
Category Current Events
Bible Text John 8:56-59; Revelation 10
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