My Mistake-Embracing The Pretrib Rapture

Featured on Aug 11, 2005

Did Jesus and the Apostles really teach that the church will be raptured out of the earth before the Great Tribulation or is this view a serious theological mistake? Did the early church fathers who had sat at the feet of the Apostles teach a pretribulation rapture? When in church history did the concept of the pretribulation rapture first appear? Does the supposition that Israel and the Church have two distinct identities and destinies really keep the Church from going through the Great Tribulation? Hear some amazing and candid admissions by prominent Pretribulationists like Drs. John Walvoord and Charles Ryrie. This informative discussion raises these and other critical issues which every Pretribulationist must resolve if they are to hold to their position with any confidence. Dr. Stewart was a Pretribulationist whose independent study of the Bible and church history has caused him to rethink his position on this hotly contested subject. Have your Bible, pen, and pad in hand as you listen today, or mark this message so you can return later to wrestle with the key questions it raises for all who love His Appearing!

A SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL: Below are a series of comments from listeners regarding this message. Controversial comments are included in hopes of encouraging discussion and interchange for the benefit of all. Thanks to supporters and critics alike!

Sermon ID 12505222744
Duration 32:08
Date Jan 28, 2005
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Luke 21:1-36; Matthew 24
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