CH#115 The Good The Bad & The Ugly in Church History

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CH#115 The Good The Bad & The Ugly in Church History Baptist Contributions to Humanity, Religious Liberty, The Bible in your hands, Prison Reform, Separation of Church & State, And Sunday Schools and True Democracy. Giants of the Faith Baptist Persecuted Because of Baptism The Baptist Struggle in England for Religious Liberty The Cost Was High Matthew 16:18, 28:18-20. 13 Golden Years by Looney Pages 68- a History of Southern & Missionary Baptist Migrations to California, Church History Evolution of Theology Series 2021 Dr. Jim Phillips by request begins the Church History & The Evolution of Theology series. Dr. Jim Phillips If anyone would like to make a donation all donations no matter how small will be appreciated. Thank you. Our Address in Fish Lake Valley is POB 121 Dyer, Nevada 89010. You may also make a donation by pushing the support button at the top of this page. You Can make your donation through paypal or any credit card. Thank You IRS EIN # 82-5114777

Sermon ID 12423150294339
Duration 35:07
Date Dec 5, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 16:18; Matthew 28:18-20
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