James 3 Part 11: Supernatural Wisdom III

A Gospelized mind, is a mind that is having its own thought patterns evangelized and conformed to the Gospel of God. Its perceptions and perspectives are redeemed unto the knowledge of Christ and His ways. Such a mind not only thinks righteously more and more, but more and more thinks mercifully, thinks redemptively, and thinks restoratively. It seeks to discover and mirror the mind of Calvary in its own decisions and judgements. Even a hard man has learned to forgive another once he has learned of Christ's forgiveness of him. Even a man full of vengeance can show mercy after he has come to know the mercy of God in Christ. When the pure, peaceable, gentle, meek, and merciful Christ sets up His Reign upon the heart of a man, that man's former ways, and former manners are more and more brought under the government of Heaven's way, which are not common or known to the ways of this world. The world shouts crucify Him!

Dec 1, 2019
Sunday Service
James 3:17
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