David - How to Respond when Slandered and Abused

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One of the oldest and meanest tricks in the book is to hit someone when they're down. Just sneak up on them when they are distracted by something else and hit them with a knockout blow. That is one of Satan's tactics.

He used it on Joseph after his being sold into slavery by his brothers, before he could get over that--Potiphar's wife lands him in prison. But by God's grace, it didn't work, and Joseph keeps following the Lord!

For Job is was one wave after another of bad news, each wave higher, deeper and more devastating—and then his wife turns on him. But by God's grace, it didn't work, and Job keeps following the Lord!

We can trace the same pattern in Abraham's life, Elijah's life, Daniel's life, and many other Old Testament heroes.

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Duration 53:05
Date Aug 27, 2006
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text 2 Samuel 16:1-14; Psalm 3
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