A First For the Last Day of 2021!


I was literally on my way to the office to do a remote DL in the old studio, something we have done four or five times now, when I texted Rich and asked, "I know this is crazy but…any way we could use the big studio and the Flip board remotely?" And we made it work! Kudos to Rich! Now if we could just learn to do the DL without the ugly old dumb Scottish guy! So anyway, the topic! Yes, we dove into Exodus 3:14 and did some old-fashioned inter-textual study today at the start, and then moved into a discussion of the simplicity controversy, finishing with playing a segment from a Sinclair Ferguson sermon from (I believe) 2015. If you wish to end 2021 with some deep consideration of important issues, we hope this blesses you! See you in 2022!

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Duration 1:34:04
Date Dec 31, 2021
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