James 3 Part 8: A Lighthouse Lifted Up

Isn't the revealing of what was hid for so long in the darkness, the unveiling of the unknown, and calling out the deceptions of human thinking the great memorable introduction of Christ in our hearts and minds? When The Light of the world came into our dark greys, shifting fogs, and starless skies, He presented Himself as the Lighthouse that had been lifted up to guide us into the safety of His harbor. Men were still shouting opinions, perspectives, and culture specific philosophies when Christ came in Truth. The postmodernism and relativism of our generation offers the seafaring man no shoreline in sight, no north star to guide off of, no fixed reference point to navigate by. Christ gives us Himself, The Light of Heaven, and His Word which is become a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path to guide us through a world whose minds revolt against any impression of an absolute, and leave it's subjects tossed in the storm and blast of an open sea with no direction and no firm grounding. Praise God for the wisdom that comes from above and conquers the confusion of earthly wisdom!

How many times have you praised God for making a confusing thing clear to you?

Oct 13, 2019
Sunday Service
James 3:16-17
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