Bountiful, Hilarious Giving

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Stewardship, the giving of our finances in particular unto the Lord's work in His church, is an exeeding joyful blessing... in fact, it is downright HILARIOUS.

Financial giving is the very basic form of our stewardship. If we find it difficult in yielding in this area, it will be even more difficult in other, more complex areas. 'He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much...' (Luke 16:10).

PERSONAL NOTE FROM JON (added 6/30/09): This was one of my last messages given at Scammon Bay, Alaska after symptoms of ALS caused us to have to leave the Alaskan bush. In listening to this sermon again, I was reminded that the Lord impressed upon my heart that this was an important message to leave them before we left the village on January 16, 2008.

The symptoms continue but are not progessing as quickly as we once thought; & by God's grace, He has allowed me to continue ministering as a pastor in Alabama, whereas, I thought that I would not minister in a pastoral capacity again. We as a family, & also I do personally, continue to pray for our beloved Yup'ik brothers & sisters in Scammon Bay. We will always love them with joy unspeakable; & we consider it one of the greatest honors & blessings to have had the privilege to know them, love them, & be a part of their lives. We give thanks to the Lord always for them.

We are also especially grateful to Steven Lee & SermonAudio for his service to see the cause of Christ glorified in all he does, in his family, in his church, & in the local churches throughout the world until Christ come.

Thank you all.

Sermon ID 1230071227274
Duration 49:18
Date Dec 30, 2007
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
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