Samson: The Puny Little Man. And, What does Satan gain from killing children?

Or illustrious pastor says he'll be concluding his teaching on Genesis 2, 3 and 4. But we won't find out for sure until the second week of September, ‘cause we'll be off for the next two weeks.

But... before this supposed ‘conclusion', we have “Letters From The Internet”. The first is from Jennifer from Phoenix AZ. The teaching she has received is that a demon possessed man cannot be saved. You'll like how Coach Chronister handles this one.

And Sheri asks, How does one not despair for those we love? Also, How does Eve know she has been deceived? And she has recommendations for t-shirts. I think you'll like them.

As we start the lecture, we're back to Samson. And Jesus said that He is The Nazarite, womb to death. He is always God, never not God. And people want to believe that Christ can be separated from His deity. It's extremely popular and completely wrong... blasphemous... Heretical even.

We go again to Judges 13 so we can get deeper into it by making a list:


Samson would know that he's here because God put him here (unlike many Christians who think every passage of the Bible is about them).

Have you ever wondered what the Bible means when it says ‘A land flowing with milk and honey'? I never had. But I couldn't have been more wrong with what I assumed that it meant. Listen and find out.

Our pastor gets further into this account of Samson, and you vill like it... You vill. Ve have vays to make you like it. I'll stop here before I lose you completely.

Thanks so very much for attending Cliffside with us. Now press play, open your TextBook and take good notes. Test on Friday.

Aug 20, 2017
Sunday Service
Judges 13:2-25; Numbers 6:1-21
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