Have You Ever Wondered?

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Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered what God's love, wisdom, grace, and His Son have in common?

Have you ever wondered how it is that what they have in common should affect our view and value on everything?

Let's look in the word and talk about it.

May these truths equip you with a discerning mind, courageous heart, and a tender spirit for His work and your race.

A few bullet points from the transcription of this message.

• Personalizing the Gospel and living by God's words.
◦ Pastor Nick Holden emphasizes the importance of personalizing the Gospel and reasoning from the Scriptures to make it clear and dear to believers' hearts.
• The importance of selfless love.
◦ Paul emphasizes that not all love is equal, and the wrong kind of love can have severe consequences.
◦ He uses hypothetical scenarios to illustrate that even with great gifts like prophecy, knowledge, and faith, without the right kind of love, it's all meaningless.
◦ Pastor Nick emphasizes the importance of understanding God's definition of love, rather than relying on personal interpretations.
◦ He encourages listeners to seek God's truth and wisdom to see things from His perspective, rather than their own.
◦ Love that never fails is rooted in God and manifested through Christ, rejoicing in truth rather than evil.
• Wisdom and love in the Bible.
◦ God describes wisdom as excellent and right things that come from His lips, tied to love and divine characteristics.
◦ Wisdom and love cannot rejoice in iniquity or wickedness, they are an abomination to both.
• Grace, iniquity, and living a godly life…

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Duration 47:25
Date Dec 1, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text James 3; Proverbs 8
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