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I made a little video a couple days ago. It was five years ago that I was diagnosed with cancer (CLL), so I wanted to capitalize on the timing, celebrate God's goodness, and use what He's done in me to help others.

In this video, I share how I would have never known I had cancer unless they tested my blood. There was no other way to validate that without a test. Well, the same way with our spiritual condition. There's no way to determine your spiritual condition without a test. And God's word gives us a clear test of what God expects and what often is not happening. So God's word is revealing — like my cancer was revealed through a test, His word reveals, okay, I got a problem. And who's the only one that can reconcile that? Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Recently, I shared a witness with some guys building a new fence around the cemetery. I got to talk with them about how we ALL come from one blood. How my blood was polluted and messed up with a particular kind of blood cancer. They looked at me like, "You got cancer?" I said, "Yeah, I have a blood disorder, I have bad blood, diseased blood!" Then I said, "But I would've never known that I was sick, without a test. And I said, "God also gives us a test of revealing that we have a bad and corrupt heart. Our hearts are corrupt and messed up." And I had the opportunity to share how I know that and thought of doing the same with you.

And thank each of you for interceding and walking through this journey with us. And pass this word on if you think it will help those you love.

Blessing to you and your nest,
Nick and Honey

"He has made from one blood every nation of men…" Acts 17:26-31

FROM one blood we were all born into this wor

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Duration 30:03
Date Dec 2, 2023
Category Testimony
Bible Text Acts 17:26-31; Acts 17:26-28
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