Canada's Official Rejection of Christ's Claims: Bill C4


Dr. Joe Boot of the Ezra Institute in Canada joined me for a powerful hour of discussion about the recently passed bill in Canada, C4, which bans "conversion therapy." It is, in reality, a ban on any speech or counsel that would assist a person who is seeking to live in accordance with God's ways who wishes to be delivered from homosexuality or transgenderism. It is a thoroughly theological law based upon rebellion against God. It goes into effect around January 8th, so Dr. Boot and others in Canada are asking all faithful churches to join them in standing against this godless attack upon the faith. Click here to read about Biblical Sexuality Sermon Sunday and how your fellowship can participate! We then took a brief break and came back for the second half (see next blog entry!).

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Duration 1:07:29
Date Dec 21, 2021
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