Procrastination, Or, The Sin and Folly of Depending On Future Time


SECT. I. Needful precautions.
SECT. II. The precept explained.
SECT. III.   When men act as though they depend on another day.
SECT. IV.  Why we ought not to boast of to-morrow.
SECT. V. Serious inquiries.
SECT. VI. How to spend every day.

Edwards really lays out the case in the stupidity of expecting our days to be fruitful and of a long continuance.

Sections 3 and 4 are applied to man in general, but I feel it really states what goes on on the world of politics.

This sermon also gives some really necessary discourse about death.

Narrated/Preached by Duane Linn

Sermon ID 122118223423682
Duration 1:16:37
Date Dec 21, 2018
Category Audiobook
Bible Text Deuteronomy 32:29; Proverbs 27:1
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