Setting the Record Straight: Dr. Michael Brown Our Special Guest


Didn’t bother starting off the year quietly as over the holidays a number of internet-based ministries were throwing out the hate against me for my relationship with Dr. Michael Brown. In the process a number of articles were posted that displayed the same kind of “let’s not worry about thinking clearly, let’s surely not even ponder being fair, but let’s throw everything including the kitchen sink in here in hopes something will stick” kind of yellow journalism that I have been subjected to for years. Since specific allegations against Dr. Brown’s Christology were included, I contacted him and asked him to come on the air, which he graciously agreed to do. We ended up talking about a lot of stuff, including the allegation that he is a “NAR super apostle,” defends “grave sucking,” and all the rest. During the program, Pulpit and Pen, C3ChurchWatch, EBCMinistries, CrossRoads Radio, and Richard Haas (a P&P contributor) all worked together to do a tweet-storm with the hash-tag “ElephantRoom3.” The fact that it is dishonest to even connect the events with Jakes and this discussion with Michael Brown does not bother these folks—the Inquisitors who turned the cranks on the racks in the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition believed themselves to be doing the work of God. When you live in the narrow, small world of the ultra-orthodox, where everyone must look like you and act like you and speak like you, you have no perspective from which to be able to see your utter lack of balance. In any case, an open and honest conversation that, for those with ears to hear, should be helpful, and challenging.

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Date Jan 2, 2018
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