Pondering Christmas

"The word ponder in the original language means to give careful thought to something -- to deeply reflect or to converse within yourself. And I want to say brothers and sisters that by and large Christians have lost the ability and even the will to do this in today's society. We are driven by activity and motion. From the time our feet hit the floor in the morning till we go to bed we are busy. And then on top of that we live under the tyranny of our cellphones. We just don't do much pondering, much quiet careful thinking anymore and we miss deep blessings from God because of it. Friends I want to encourage you to find a time and place in your day – away from work, away from noise, away from technology, and spend deep time with the Lord, pondering the truths of Scripture and of what God has done for us in Christ. And that really is one of the benefits of the season of Advent – it helps us quiet ourselves and ponder the mysteries of Christmas."

Dec 17, 2023
Sunday Service
Luke 2:10-19
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