Bill Gates, Vaccines to Depopulate Earth, Sudden Death Increase Data, Fauci

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Bill Gates wants to use Vaccines to depopulate the Earth.
The Culture of death.
Is the world overpopulated? Fake science and fear tactics.
Funeral Home operators finding unusual blood clots in vaccinated people.
Dr. Ryan N. Cole Summit.
Anthony Fauci and the creation of epidemics for money.
Kevin Swanson - Fauci's world view, and sudden adult death syndrome. Top five insurance companies showing historic increases in deaths particularly between the ages of 18 to 49.
"Died Suddenly" - the film.
James White speaks on the "plandemic."

Sermon ID 121822184915601
Duration 2:36:50
Date Dec 18, 2022
Category Current Events
Bible Text John 14:6; Jude 3
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