A Remote Dividing Line Discussing Abortion, Gender Issues, and Then Transitioning to


Needed to do the program remotely today from my home (and aside from one slip up, it actually worked quite well!). Discussed the amazing (and disgusting) tweets put out by a woman saying "goodbye" to the aborted baby she murdered as if this was an act of love on her part—tough way to start the program, I know. But when we discussed the high school French teacher who lost his job for refusing to call a girl a guy. The insanity is coming for us all. Then we transitioned to "the Attack of the KJVOIFBs!" looking at some clips from some recent videos attacking myself and Pastor Jeff Durbin. In that discussion I mentioned the presentations I did at Grace Life Church in Pryor, Oklahoma last week, available here.

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Date Dec 14, 2018
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