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From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to the far corners of the globe, Crosstalk brings news items to listeners each Friday to keep you informed. Here's a sample of what was shared this week:

--Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel seemingly in part to push for an extension of the Israel/Hamas cease-fire. Since that time, rockets fired by Hamas triggered an end to this week-long pause. Fighting resumed after Israel accused Hamas of violating the truce agreement. After Hamas began firing rockets into southern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces resumed bombing in Gaza City.

--According to an Iranian official, Hamas has only used 10-12% of its military arsenal so far in the war against Israel.

--Roni Kriboy managed to escape from terrorists who held him hostage in the Gaza Strip, but ordinary Gazans returned him to his captors.

--Hamas terrorists kidnapped children and were trained to create a specific sign on their bodies. They would put one of the legs of the child on a hot motorcycle exhaust creating a "brand" on their bodies. This mark would help identify them if they attempted to escape.

--Israeli President Isaac Herzog told "X" owner Elon Musk that his platform needed to do more to fight and combat anti-Jewish hate as Musk visited Israel on a goodwill visit.

--Tuesday evening the House voted to reaffirm Israel's right to exist.

--Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (who is Jewish) ripped the political left in a speech from the Senate floor Wednesday over its overt antisemitism in the days following the October 7th attack. Jim provided audio from the speech.

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