The Pope and the Lord's Prayer, Slander & Keyboard, SJC, Zachariades & God's Justice


Started off looking at Pope Francis and "lead us not into temptation." Then had to look at Slander and Keyboard (the group formerly known as Pulpit & Pen, sort of like the artist formerly known as Prince...or Purple something, I could never figure that part out) as well as some wild eyed "bigotry in the name of Christianity is fine with me" tweets from Steve Camp, and finally spent a few minutes considering Theodore Zachariades' challenge to debate whether God's justice requires creaturely freedom (God has sovereignly decreed it to be so, I would say).  Hate to have to spend time with S&K, SJC, etc., but bigotry in the name of the faith can never be overlooked.

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Date Dec 12, 2017
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