The Coming of Hope

The world loves the story about a fat man in a red suit with a bag of toys; but the true story is so much better! This season we are thinking about the coming of Christ and the bag of blessings He brings. Today we come to the promise fulfilled (and paradoxically, still coming) of hope. Hope is the reality that what God says is as real as if we held it in our hands. It is the confirmation of promise that has been planted in our souls and it binds us to the God who gave it. Hope is the song of Jesus's birth, it is the reality of God manifesting that which has so long waited… but which still has parts unfinished in our sight. Hope is the lens of faith that allows us to rest easy in the arms of God. And all of this powerful truth came bound up in swaddling rags, and given no place in the lives of men… and still He was who He was, and is who He is; and in His coming we find hope beyond all understanding.

Dec 10, 2023
Sunday Service
Hebrews 7:11
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