Radio Free Geneva: The "Calvinism: Doctrine of Demons" Trailer, Greg Laurie, and More


Radio Free Geneva today, taking a look at the trailer for the upcoming (2019) film "Calvinism: A Doctrine of Demons" featuring a slate of KJVO IFBS including Steven Anderson. Then we looked at a brief clip from Greg Laurie, and finally turned to two texts cited in passing by Steven Anderson in his anti-Limited Atonement video, specifically, Titus 2:11 and John 12:32. Announced that for the next Radio Free Geneva we will have a newly redone theme song. We've moved the bunker from the basically defunct Brewton-Parker College to....well, you will have to tune in to see!

Sermon ID 1211181356461456
Duration 1:31:12
Date Dec 11, 2018
Category Radio Broadcast
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