Anatomy of a Man of God #11: His Feet #2


What does a man of God who is called as a minister of the Gospel look like through the eyes of Scripture?

This eleventh and final sermon in the series is the second of a two-part examination of the feet of a man of God.

-1- What makes the feet of a man of God beautiful?

-a- Because they bring the Lord Jesus Christ himself to men in the proclamation of the Gospel. (msg #10)

-b- Because they carry one who announces:
_ the good things of the Gospel that alone answers to man's deepest needs.
_ God's provision in Jesus Christ for deliverance from the dominion and binding power of sin
_ God's provision in Jesus Christ for restored fellowship with God Himself

-c- Because they bring one who is a--though not perfect yet a real and undeniable--embodiment of the grace and power of the gospel he preaches

Sermon #MI-Q-11

Nov 27, 1988
Sunday - AM
2 Corinthians 5; Romans 10:12-15
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