Evils of Postponed Living - by A.W. Tozer


How does the Devil and his evil forces influence Your life? Every time you walk out of the Church service and the message is gone almost immediately for whatever reason from your heart. Every time you put off during what is right; whether it be reading your bible, praying, helping your neighbor, witnessing to a coworker, ....whatever is good and you did not do it for whatever reason....you have been influenced by the wrong side.

Remember how David was influenced to number his country and it was wrong...he was influenced while righteous to do something that was not righteous. Unless you are walking in the Spirit all the time....there is room for the Devil to get a foot hold in your life. Pray with ceasing.

Even I had to eat the bread of affliction when listening to this message. For I too have postponed spiritual things and that means the Devil has had a foot hold in my life. And that is going to stop now.

Listen to this message and see if you agree or not.

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Duration 49:54
Date Dec 10, 2007
Category Sunday Service
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