Jesus and Human Sin

In this expository sermon Dr. Felker shares the fact that God is holy, pure, and righteous. Yet man is spiritually unclean and sinful. How can we enter His presence? What is it that truly makes us unclean? Jesus points out the error of many Jews in His day who were influenced by rabbinic tradition. He teaches that it is not outward things that make us unclean but our own sinful hearts defile. He gives 13 examples of sins that defile us. Finally, Dr. Felker shows that the cure to the sin problem is not by mere outward change and outward religious rituals. The right cure is inward cleansing by faith in the sacrificial blood of Christ, the new birth, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the cleansing of God's Word.

Jan 14, 2024
Sunday Service
Mark 7:14-23
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