Tame the Tongue

James had a true heart for the church. He carried much weight and value to the early believers with his preaching and teaching. The church was new, Gentiles were just coming into the knowledge of truth and Scripture was new. All along his goal is to lead his readers and hearers — men and women who were possibly once under his direct pastoral care but are now widely scattered — to full spiritual maturity, so that their whole being, without reservation, should be wholly Christ's.

It had been over 400 years since a prophet gave the Word or said, "Thus saith the Lord." And Jesus brought much new teaching for the disciples.
There is obviously a lot for James to say, but a few things you will see over and over again, especially under the theme of a double-minded man.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Now in chapter 3, James talks about those teachings which leads to a brief study of our words and the tongue! Even here we see the double-minded theme coming out. Bless/curse. Hate/love. Salt/sweet.

It doesn't work.

Jan 7, 2024
Sunday Service
James 3:1-12
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