Standing for Life in a Pro-Death Culture


Pastor Jim Harden is president and CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services in New York. Jim pioneered the first measurable and repeatable medical model in the pregnancy center movement, helping hundreds of centers nationwide become more effective at reaching more women and saving more babies from abortion. He's written extensively on medical ethics, executive leadership, and pro-life strategy.

As many listeners may recall, there was an illegal leak of the full Supreme Court draft overturning Roe v. Wade on May 2nd of last year. This leak sparked a pro-abortion crime wave that targeted pro-life organizations, pregnancy care centers and churches with arson via fire-bombs, extreme vandalism, death threats and more.

The first fire-bombing of a pro-life organization occurred on May 8th in Madison, Wisconsin. A group known as "Jane's Revenge" took responsibility. They communicated a 30 day ultimatum that pro-life pregnancy centers were to shut down or more of the same would happen.

30 days later, CompassCare Pregnancy Services in Buffalo was attacked with multiple Molotov cocktails by multiple perpetrators. It was all caught on video. There was catastrophic damage and 2 firefighters were injured attempting to put out the blaze.

Now 7 months later, no one has been arrested. Pastor Harden has been pushing the FBI hard on this as it appears they're intentionally slow-walking this case and the Biden administration appears to be turning a blind eye as well. On the plus side, the House Judiciary Committee is investigating the FBI for their failure to investigate crimes against pro-life individuals and organizations.

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Date Jan 17, 2023
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