Two Hour Radio Free Geneva Interaction with the "Free Will Debate" from Houston


Went mega-length today as we played portions from the debate just a few days ago in Houston featuring, on "team Calvin," Dr. Sonny Hernandez and Dr. Theodore Zachariades, and on team, well, uh...Team Free Will, perhaps, anyway, Dr. Leighton Flowers and Dr. Johnathan Pritchett.  Had only heard about it because Pulpit and Pen, in wildly rejoicing in the food fight aspects of the debate, had taken a shot at me in the process.  So, decided it would be worth taking a look at it, and so we did.  Lots of material covered, of course, and we didn't quite get to the end of what I wanted to discuss, so we may finish it up on the next program.  Enjoy!

Sermon ID 117171822253
Duration 2:01:09
Date Nov 7, 2017
Category Radio Broadcast
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