The Scandal of Grace, #1

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When you survey the public ministry of Jesus Christ, its truly astounding how His teaching penetrated the hearts of so many different kinds of people. Rich, poor, young, old, powerful and influential, or outcasts and criminals--Christs preaching transformed all sorts of lives from all sorts of social groups.

In fact, there was really only one group of people who almost completely rejected Jesus teaching. The Pharisees and the religious elite were filled with a violent hatred for Christ that left them spiritually blind to his miracles and deaf to the life-transforming truth He taught.

But why did they hate Christ so fiercely? In todays sermon, John MacArthur opens Gods Word and helps us understand why religious leaders rejected Christ, and why they were so antagonistic to the gospel He taught. Grab your Bible and prepare to be shocked by The Scandal of Grace.

And stick around after todays message for an exciting look at a powerful new video Bible study series from our pastor. Trust me--you dont want to miss it.

Nov 6, 2009
TV Broadcast
Mark 2:13-17
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