Anatomy of a Man of God #9: His Knees #2


What does a man of God who is called as a minister of the Gospel look like through the eyes of Scripture?

The second of a two-part look at the knees of a man of God.

-3- His knees are continually bowed before God as the Father in heaven who delights to hear and answer prayer.

-a- Unique and indispensable place given to prayer in the administration and advancement of the kingdom of God.

-b- Four specific areas in which the man of God is constantly engaging in prayer with respect to his identity and functions as a man of God.

  • i. - he prays for the health and vigor of his own soul as a Christian man and as a true worshipper.
  • ii. - he prays to seek the special things he needs for the health and vigor of his ministerial tasks
  • iii. - he prays to seek God's blessing upon the sheep of Christ
  • iv. - he prays to plead God's mercy upon the unconverted

Sermon #MI-Q-9

Oct 30, 1988
Sunday - AM
Luke 3:21; Psalm 2
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